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Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement
Supports Visual & Whole Body Health

OmegaAdvance® is a highly concentrated, ultra pure fish oil supplement, rich in omega-3 DHA and EPA, that helps to protect the health of the eyes and body. It also includes the important eye-specific antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.

30 day supply: 60 capsules 

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 OmegaAdvance® Highlights

  • Delivers highly concentrated fish oil, rich in omega-3 EPA and DHA, to support visual and whole body health.
  • New! Now provides 1,000 mg of omega fatty acids (EPA and DHA).
  • Utilizes highest quality fish oil from the purest sources. It is the first and only “pharmaceutical grade” fish oil ingredient to achieve US Pharmacopoeia (USP) verification – the most rigorous quality assurance verification in the world.
  • New! Triglyceride (TG) form of omega-3s helps ensure rapid absorption.
  • Provides lutein and zeaxanthin to help support healthy vision. Contributes six times the amount of lutein provided by common multivitamins, such as: Centrum Silver® and One-a-Day®.
  • Flexible dose – take 1 or 2 softgels daily to obtain desired amount of omega-3s.
  • Formulated by doctors and nutritional scientists, based on the latest research.
  • Manufactured in NSF®-certified facilities from finest quality bioavailable ingredients.
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